Friday, November 10, 2006

Friends Defend Militia Leader Arrested by Feds

Friends of a Washington County Militia leader accused of possessing illegal firearms are rallying to show their support for him.

Hollis “ Wayne” Fincher, 60, of 16085 E. Black Oak Road in Fayetteville was released from the Washington County Jail on Thursday and is being held for federal authorities at an undisclosed location. He is scheduled to appear at a 1: 30 p. m. hearing Monday in U. S. District Court in Fort Smith.

Fincher was arrested Wednesday after an eight month investigation related to the unlawful manufacture, possession and transfer of fully automatic guns.

Via Northwest Arkansas Times


hairy hobbit said...

God bless you. I applaud your efforts, well thought out plan, and well researched document.

I'm spreading the word since I am in 100% agreement with you. If a legal defense fund is set up I will also spread the word on that, this will be a long fight in a hostile environment.

Libertynow! said...

I support you Mr Fincher and your cause and most importantly the Militia. I will learn more about you, but the tenets of defending against tyrrany including domestic terrorists, which these people have become and are cannot be overstated. I am not in jail, but my property was seized based on administartive statutes and an unlawful trespass. I do not know how much the sleazey legal profession can or may wish to help you since they are all on the same side. If only you and many others could find an HONEST LAWYER, but thats pretty unlikeley. If a fund is set up to help you, I will contribute to that fund. If all hell breaks loose, which it should, I will be there also. When will enough ppl realize that it is past time to reclaim this nation and arrest and prosecute all those who have ignored their oaths to defend the constitutions of the states and of the country. Lawyers and judges alike. I know exactly who the terorists are who their victims are. They are the people driving down the road, students sitting in a library, people cleaning up their property.. all minding their own business; harrassed and terrorized by the ones who are supposed to defend the constitutions and protect our rights. What the hell is the matter with these cops, ordinance enforcers, JBT's? People are getting concerned with the coming collapse as they should, but yet think the dems are going to fix everything for them. I will pass this info along.. Lets see if the NRA has any balls to defend this man, just don't hold your breath on that.

Anonymous said...

why did mr fincher surender??? HE HAD THE FIRE POWER TO DEAL WITH THE a.t.f CRIMINALS that trespassed on his property---why did his comrads not come to his aid??

he sits in jail because he is a coward-that did not have the will to Fight--- he put him self in harms way--in then did not have the Balls to back up his tough talk

now his friends and troops talk about hiring a attorney---- if they were real men they would just go and deal with the beast-in thier neck of the woods

the prisons are full of heros that do not have the will or courage to realy Fight for Freedom and Liberty

the time has come to water the liberty tree with the blood of our enemies---after enough of them have met thier Maker before thier appointed time, the rest of the criminal parsites will slither back into the holes they slithered out of

I say kick thier EVIL asses and teach them a lesson they will never forget.

UNHchabo said...

On the contrary, I think he did the right thing. From the sounds of it, he has a pretty solid case, and he may be able to win a whole slew of freedoms back for the general public.

If he had fought the arrest, he likely would've been killed in the process, and the story would've been "Heroic ATF Agents Slain By Madman". Instead the story is basically "Lawful Man Arrested For No Reason".