Monday, January 1, 2007

Free Wayne

Supporters of Wayne Fincher, a man charged with possessing illegal machine guns, have begun an aggressive campaign to raise awareness of what they think is an unjust arrest by posting “ Free Wayne” signs and bumper stickers around Washington County.

“ We want people to be aware of Wayne’s plight, ” friend Don Bright said. “ He was arrested for what we consider to be an illegal law and we think he ought to be out on the streets. ”

Hollis Wayne Fincher, 60, a lieutenant commander of the Militia of Washington County, headquartered south of Fayetteville, is charged in U. S. District Court with possessing an unregistered machine gun and an unregistered sawed-off shotgun.

Bright said a large group of volunteers has placed about 150 yard signs around the county and distributed about 200 bumper stickers in an effort to garner support for Fincher in the days leading up to his trail, which is set for Jan. 8.

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hairy hobbit said...

Been meaning to do this a while now. Finally got around to a very rough version of a "Free Wayne" ribbon

Anonymous said...

An alternate e-mail for AR Rep. John Boozman is: (justice division)

He does not accept e-mail from folks out of AR.

Many gunowners are viewing this as another shot heard around the world... This case may determine the scope and breadth of tomorrow's fight, albeit good or bad.

Many prayers to the family and Wayne Fincher,