Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wayne Fincher's Health

Wayne is NOT doing better today. In fact we have found out that the Sebastian County Jail (Tel. 479-783-4988) has neglected his medical needs to the tune of waiting 31 hours from the time he was prescribed anti-nausea medicine to the time they gave it to him. Apparently, he has not eaten for three (3) days as he is too sick. Moreover, he is becoming dehydrated. Oscar Stilley is going to request all medical logs from the jail in the morning. Since the jail is not cooperating, he will have to get a court order to see them. (It sounds like South Africa in the 1960's and 70's)

Just so the Sebastian County authorities know that everyone is watching, you might want to drop them a line and let them know you are concerned.

Sebastian County Judge -- 479-783-6139
Sebastian County Sheriff's Office -- 479-783-1051
Sebastian County Jail -- 479-783-4988

Since Wayne is under Federal jurisdiction, they will not release and information about his condition. That is okay, just remind them that he is in their custody (they are the detention contractor for the Federal Government in Western Arkansas) and they are wholly responsible for his health and welfare.

Paul W. Davis

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