Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fincher Accepts Judge's Terms?

This article, in Spanish, indicates that Hollis Wayne Fincher was released on Monday, November 13.

I see no indication in the English language press that this is the case.


Paul Davis said...

The article is incorrect. Obviously the translation was improperly accomplished. Wayne is still in jail and will not be posting his land and home as bond.

hangman said...

Good for Mr. Fincher. He should stand strong and not let the bastards intimidate him. They are a whole buch of folks watching this particular fuster-cluck. I hate what we're leaving to OUR posterity.

gaycowboy said...

hi i think i would like to know whatr in the hell this country thinks that they are trying to pull over on us americans and on wayns case i think that he will walk and i think that he needs to sew them for every fucking thing that they ever will have i dont know why they wont go find all of these ellegal alieans or something like that that are killing people here in america left and write and do something productive and i repeat i will be a bitch on the damned topic so go wayne i think that you should nail em with all of your god giving mighty and hammer there asses to the ground and dont stop till the deed is done makem pay