Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Paul Davis on Hollis Wayne Fincher

To All,

I understand that the Federal Judge declared Hollis Wayne Fincher such a danger to the community, law enforcement, the ATF, and possibly the Judge herself, and a flight risk, that she imposed incredible restrictions on him, were he to be released.

These restrictions amounted to the following:

  1. Over 1 million dollars in bond (the going rate for his land).

  2. Forbidding him to speak to any of the MOWCA members.

  3. Not allowing him to have any guns in his home, or the house he would have to stay in.

  4. Not allowing him to live in his own home, since it is on top of a mountain with only one road for access.

  5. Placing him under house arrest, in which he cannot go anywhere unless there is a government approved reason.

  6. Restricting his travel to go only to that government approved destination and immediately returning to the house he would have to reside in. (Please, no stops in between - even for the bathroom.)

Now, I think I have named them all. Although, I may have missed one as there were so many and his daughter was somewhat upset that the ATF agent lied under oath. In any case, I am certain that if I have missed one, one of you fine gentlemen, or Miss Linda will correct me.

So then, what is it about Hollis Wayne Fincher that is such a threat to everyone in the community and in the government?

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hairy hobbit said...

It must be great to live in the state of stupidity that judges, the feds, and people who agree with this list of restrictions do.

Honestly that is the most asinine thing I've read all day, not the article, but the mandates. They're trying to let him hang himself, they'll use the smallest thing, probably even jaywalking if they can. Being from Arkansas and trying to take on the government I'd fear for my life, strange things happen when you mess with the gov. Maybe that's just me, but I remember a long list of strange deaths. That's not even taking into account the track record of the atf.

Keep up the good work, trying to get the word out as best I can. God bless.

E. David Quammen said...

Our government truly has become totally corrupt and despicable. If the founders were to see the country today, they would swear they were back under the arbitrary rule of the crown.....

Kent McManigal said...

I mentioned this case on my blog and got a hit from the Department of Justice. They are watching.