Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Washington County Militia Leader Pleads Innocent

A Washington County militia leader denied gun possession charges Monday in U. S. District Court in Fort Smith.

Hollis Wayne Fincher pleaded innocent to possessing an unregistered machine gun and possessing a sawedoff shotgun.

Magistrate Beverly Stites Jones set trial for Jan. 8 in Fayetteville.

Fincher, 60, is lieutenant commander of the Militia of Washington County, a group with headquarters south of Fayetteville.

He was arrested Nov. 9 when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided his home on East Black Oak Road in Washington County.

Jones on Nov. 13 set bond at $ 250, 000 with the conditions that Fincher be put on electronic home monitoring, surrender any guns and have no contact with the militia until after trial.

He must live with relatives and place as bond collateral the deed to his 120-acre property.

Fincher remained in the Sebastian County jail Monday evening.

Via Arkansas Democrat Gazette


Anonymous said...

So, they believe the Sebastian County jail is secure enough to hold such a dangerous, anti-gov. militia member??? Maybe we should prove them tyrants wrong... again.

Anonymous said...

Friends like Wayne helped me survive cancer twice! There should be more people like him in this world* In case, you anti-gunners forgot, the first law Hitler enforced was to take away the citizen's guns!

hairy hobbit said...

"Maybe we should prove them tyrants wrong... again."

As much as I can understand the sentiment, it'd do us no good, perhaps when they finally rule against us. Right now, this is the kind of crap the .gov WANTS...fuel for the demonization fire.

Fincher's Prison Daddy said...

I hear Wayne can cure cancer with his tears! Too bad Wayne never cries. But when he's somebody's girlfriend in the pen, he'll cry then, I'll bet. Where are your guns NOW, Wayne?

Locking Lug said...


Free Fincher said...

Hey 'fincher's Prison daddy')))
ever heard of KARMA...bad move! It's obvious that you've never had cancer...
Plus, you're probably too young to know that it's not contagious.HA.
Anyways, back to the facts...the alleged CRIME was not having a firearm(s) it was for not paying a Federal TAX of $200 to have the firearm(s) that many many people have. This tax was illegally implemented, therefore it is void. Why not protect our border, huh? Or find a cure for cancer? You know, something useful! Stop waisting our tax dollars!