Monday, November 27, 2006

You feeling safer, too?

First, our federal government told us of Saddam Hussein’s purported weapons of mass destruction in far away Iraq. Now we read chilling accounts of illegal weapons much closer to home. Right here in Northwest Arkansas, government agents have targeted a portly 60-year-old and a small cache of allegedly unregistered weapons as objects warranting prosecution. Hollis Wayne Fincher of Fayetteville has made headlines this month since federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, operating under the auspices of the Project Safe Neighborhoods program, raided his home and found illegal firearms in his possession, according to an ATF news release.

The prosecutorial efforts against ole Wayne, who is known locally for his outspoken views on governmental interference, have been nothing less than massive as evidenced by eight months of reported federal investigation throughout the Fayetteville-Fort Smith area culminating in the issuance of 14 search warrants.

When the considerable dust from all that costly effort cleared, Fincher wound up being the only person charged with anything.

Wow. An eight-month investigation, 14 search warrants and the arrest of one aging man for weaponry that he’d openly admitted having over the years. He was even photographed holding one of the allegedly unregistered weapons, a machine gun, in a local newspaper’s feature story about him last year.

Mike Masterson continues at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette


bunabayashi said...

Good article. Best of luck to Mr. Fincher.

E. David Quammen said...

It is very good to see a news source write something decent about a man attempting to uphold the truth, (what was formerly known as Patriotism). Either one isn't found much anymore in America; Patriotism, or the truth.

God bless and keep you Wayne.

Nice work Mike.

Our government(s) need to resume their Constitutionally delegated posititons. We've already had one Revolution due to flagrant Usurpation of undelegated 'authority', and tyranny.

Dallen said...

I am lead person working for Wayne's freedom. We are making some headway and APPRECIATE VERY MUCH what all of you American Patriots/Constitutionalists are doing for Wayne.

I must ask those who control this blog to do me and Wayne a huge favor.
Could you please remove the "list" for now? Our attorney called me and aske that I try to get this done. It will definitely hurt Wayne's case - if not now it will down the road.
Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.